The Conestoga Hut uses minimal materials, is simple-to-build, and provides durable shelter well suited to the Pacific Northwest climate. The Conestoga Hut emphasizes keeping people dry and secure.


Key Features:

  1. A combination of reused, salvaged, donated, and new materials to help keep cost low.
  2. Structure can be altered to the needs of a variety of people (for example, can be made wheel chair accessible).
  3. Has a single lockable door with key.
  4. Window in rear panel brings in light and offers emergency exit if needed.
  5. Two layers of insulation provides for heat retention.
  6. The overall footprint of the Hut is 6′ X 14′. The interior of the Hut is 6′ by 10′ (60 sq. ft.).
  7. Off the ground to ensure a dry experience during rainfall.
  8. Designed to be deconstructed, refurbished, and relocated.
  9. Gives everyone interested in creating shelters for people something ‘to-do’ no matter what their skill level is. This concept is called “Community Supported Shelters.” For instance, a school woodshop class could take it on as a class project.