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If you have any questions about donating please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN#: 46-2377054) and you may take a tax deduction to the full extent allowed by law for your contribution to us.

Safe Spot Donation List (Please call to arrange drop off a the CSS Office)

Firewood (Dry, seasoned wood) 

Shelter Gear

Tarps (10×10 or 10×16) – SILVER ONLY

Tents (7’X7’or smaller)

Sleeping Gear

Sleeping pads

Sleeping bags

Warm Blankets

Infrastructure Needs

Propane Cylinders- 1 lbs or 20 lbs

Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

Working Generators

12v Battery charger

Camp Supplies

Batteries ‘AAA’ and ‘AA’

LED Flashlights/Headlamps


Kitchen Towels

Fist Aid Supplies

Cold Medicine

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Hand Sanitizer

Ziplock Bags

Anti-Bacterial Wipes in Large Containers

Britta Water Dispensers and Filters


Bike Trailers

HotHands Body & Hand Superwarmers 10 pack (large pads)


Rain Gear


Wool Socks


Winter gloves

Camp Kitchen Needs

Cooking Oil

Scrubby Sponges